About Us

Key Facts
  • More than 200 years combined military service
  • Over 415,000 square feet of facilities
  • Dozens of patents and patent applications filed
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified with Design
  • Corporate DUNS Number: 08-060-1749
  • CAGE CODE: 1SC69

Welcome to Ibis Tek. Our businesses are strategically aligned to succeed in an array of markets to provide high-quality, reliable products marked with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Ibis Tek

Military Products

At Ibis Tek, we specialize in the development of transparent armor and accessory products for tactical and combat vehicles.

Transparent Armor

  • Industry leading formulation process and design
  • Tested and certified to a wide range of military specifications
  • Customized solutions to meet unique requirements

Advanced Lighting

  • Range of lighting technologies: HID, LED and IR LED
  • 360° situational lighting solutions for MRAP and other platforms

Tactical Accessories

  • Quick development and deployment of products
  • Innovative spare tire type carriers integrated to bumpers

Tactical Vehicles

Ibis Tek is a leader in the development and deployment of Tactical Vehicles for all levels of local, state and federal security teams. Our expertise in the re-configuration of vehicles to meet unique security applications is second to none.

Commercial Products

From field-testing and proven patrol bumpers and patrol bicycles, Ibis Tek offers a wide range of high quality products with the customer service you deserve. Visit one of our product sites for more detailed information on how we can serve you!

iForce Bikes (www.iforcebikes.com) Ibis Specialized Vehicles (www.ibisspecializedvehicles.com)

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