Rat Claw (Rescue Device)

The Emergency Rescue Device - Rat Claw is a vital accessory for every combat vehicle. This unique device enables quick recovery for disabled/rolled-over vehicles and fast removal of jammed doors. The Rat Claw will enhance the security of every combat vehicle.
  • Easily opens sealed security doors/structures
  • Quick recover of distressed vehicles

Description Weight (Lbs/Kgs) Part Number
Combat Rescue Device - Rat Claw 25/11.36 4551-100-001
Rat Claw Hook 3.4/1.6 4551-100-002
Building Door Hook 5/2.2 4551-100-003
Vehicle Door Hook 6.9/3.13 4551-100-004
Rat Claw Safety Strap 1/0.45 4551-100-005
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